Our Singing Classes consist of three 40min individual classes per month and one Scale and Technique week. 
The Scale and Technique week is once a month and is from Monday to Thursday.
At the Scale and Technique classes the whole school comes together and we cover Music Theory, Scales, Voice Production,
Drama and Ensemble.  On the Thursday class we watch a Musical to grow in our general knowledge in Musical Theatre and
the art of on stage SINGING.
Please note that these are evening classes to accommodate our adult students.  (It is not compulsory to attend all
the classes but you have to attend a minimum of ONE class during the Scale and Technique week)

Scale and Technique times:

Mondays               18:00 -19:00: Scales and Voice fitness
Tuesdays               18:00 -19:20: Drama, Improvisations and Theatre Games
Wednesdays         18:00 -19:20:  Music Theory and Industry Studies
Thursdays              17:30 -19:30:  Musical Movie Night (Everyone Welcome!)


These classes are often booked by people living far away that want to round off their singing or acting pieces. 
Often the student may not be in the school but may come for a FRESH perspective.
An artist often before recording his or her album can book a few sessions to clean up, and connect better with their
repertoire.  This makes the world of difference to their final production.


The DRAMA classes are 45min long and it is an individual class.  This class happens once a month (giving more
than enough time for the student to learn the words to their Drama pieces)
More classes can be booked depending on the need and availability of the Coach.


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